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? and elizabeth warren is the new sheriff in town. all that and rachel maddow joins us tonight. buckle up. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. just like the meteor slamming into russia, elizabeth warren is already banging heads in the senate. >> the question i really want to ask is about how tough you are. >> we'll show you how the new sheriff of wall street is outclassing her fellow freshmen, and how the new cop on the beat means trouble for big banks. >>> ten years after george w. bush dragged the country into war in iraq, and explosive new documentary narrated by rachel maddow details the trail of deception like never before. rachel joins me to preview the film tonight. >>> plus, the big congressional panel on john boehner's decision to go on vacation before we go off another cliff. >>> it was the biggest meteor blast in 100 years. so how did we know about an asteroid the size of a swimming pool but not a meteorite the size of a house? good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. progressives finally have something to be hopeful about when it comes to congress. n
the candidates? [cheers and applause] first off, from white hall, maryland, rachele trainor. [cheers and applause] - i am rachele trainor. i'm from white hall, maryland, and i grew up on a dairy goat farm there. i kind of found my love for fashion when i was 11 or 12, and i went to school for it out in denver, colorado. i landed an internship at marie claire magazine. while working there for only a short period of time, my mom became very ill, so i decided to go home and be with her. now that everything is okay, i've been looking for work, and to get to a magazine like cosmo would really make me realize that this is why my road has led me to where i am. [cheers and applause] - up next, from washington, d.c., please welcome carlos bell. [cheers and applause] - hi, everyone. my name is carlos bell, and i'm from washington, d.c., but i currently live in new york. at a very early age, i'd always been interested in art, so when i found this discovery that fashion could be art, like, i needed to get an internship. i had my first internship at gq magazine. i didn't have enough money to move to new york,
in our panel, radio talk show host, mike smerconish, rachel smoken and political correspondent dan clagman, dan, you have heard a lot about hagel, you heard john harwood say that we could be in a permanent state of war between the president and the republicans. >> i think what makes it so acute in this case is that it's happening in the context of foreign policy. here you have a defense secretary who's being filibustered, at the same time that there's a possibility filibuster as the cia director. i do think that ultimately, these political fights don't happen in a vacuum, all of the things that john harwood just said about the wind being at the president's back is going to end up meaning that he's going to get a deferment. >> and chuck hagel, if he's confirmed will attend a nato conference. and if not, panetta will have to step in there. >> and that's the pressure that's going to have to come to bear for the republicans, at the end of the day, this has real impact if the president doesn't have a confirmed secretary of defense. >> some of the republicans have tried to, i don't know
to be on the lookout. a million dollar reward. it's pretty amazing. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, ed, thank you very much. and thanks to you at home for joining thus hour. to those of you who are still snowed in on the east coast, i salute you, and i empathize. barely escaped myself. a big thanks to melissa harris-perry for filling in for me on friday when i was snowed in. when pope benedict xvi announced today that he would resign as pope, that he would abdicate the papacy, the move was greeted, frankly, with shock. that is something that has not happened in 600 years is happening right now. but it was also clear immediately that even though nothing like this has happened in 600 years, or 598 years to be exact, the catholic church nevertheless had a plan ready to go. even though no pope has resigned his seat since the year 1415, and this resignation announcement today from pope benedict was totally unexpected, despite all of that, there is apparently an agreed upon protocol for what happens in an instance like
ed show" tonight. >> sure. >> and that is "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >>> on a day that made history. today something happened in american politics that has never before happened in the history of our republic. in all of the trials and tribulations we have been through as a nation, through the wars, through the great depression, through the time senators used to beat one another with canes inside the capitol. in everything we have ever been through as a nation, what happened today has never happened before. not ever. not one of the 44 presidents our country has had has ever been blocked by a minority in the senate from choosing someone for his cabinet. but that happened today to president barack obama. republicans in the senate decided to do something unprecedented to him. and to thereby set an entirely new precedent for how the presidency itself is treated in our country. when they said today that even though they could not muster a majority of votes on their side, they would maneuver anyway as a minority to blo
, and did rachel step out already? and rachel thought she was going to give a wave but she had to step out to go to another meeting, from the breast cancer fund, we have my two scien
be rachel time, right? >> rachel time. >> it's like the blizzard, you know? this is a first for me, guys. >> really? >> yes, crazy. all right. something else that's crazy, imagine this. alfred hitchcock's "psycho," the comedy. in a recently discovered interview, the master of horrors told the bbc his classic was meant to be tongue and cheek. he was horrified when audiences took it seriously. i wonder why it did. that famous shower scene in the bates motel. >> i don't get the punch line there. >> horror or comedy, this remains to be his greatest hit and one of the most influential films in cinema. >>> we may here britney spears shout viva las vegas very soon. yesterday, a rep from spears entertainment acknowledged the company is in discussions -- and ron's breaking out the dance moves. >> get down. >> it reportedly seems in talks with the planet hollywood resort and casino for a show on the las vegas strip. it's brought some of the biggest acts like elton john, cher, celine dion. and her gig, celine dion, $100 million. >>> the holiday season may be over. but it looks like christmas on the
news." and ron claiborne is going to deliver "pop news." >> hi, rachel. >> rachel smith is in l.a. with all of the "pop news." hey, rachel. >> sorry, ron. you have to hold off on that. >> all right. >> let's get right to it. beyonce has turned her entire adult life in the public eye, while somehow managing to remain very private. but that will all change tonight. beyonce's documentary premieres on hbo. but before that, she sits down with oprah winfrey on a special episode of "oprah's next chapter," where she opens up about her marriage to jay-z. here's a glimpse. >> i would not be the woman i am if i did not go home to that man. we were friends first, for a year and a half, before we went on any dates. on the phone for a year and a half. and that foundation is so important in a relationship. and just to have someone that you just like. >> let's admit, my dvr is set. and oprah's interview airs tonight on own. >>> usually on "gma," we have people plan or sometimes even throw their weddings. but the tables have turned, as one of our own is going on tv to get some help. abc's linsey
-- >> i think this would be a great question for rachel, she's done a lot of oil and soil sampling and monitoring and she's familiar with the labs that work in this area and would be able to give you a lot of support and help. >> thank you. >> okay. >> so, shall we open it to wider questions. we have about 10, 15, 20 minutes. >> so, this may sound a little weird to come from someone with the breast cancer fund but i want to say everything that connie said could be breast cancer but it could also be loads of other diseases so what she's talking about really is not just concerns about one of the very worst diseases to which too many of us succumb, but we're also talking about neurodegenerative diseases, asthma, developmental disorders, other reproductive -- infertility, miscarriage, all kinds of other disorders, so horrible as breast cancer is, it's really one in a whole spectrum are affected by these chemical processes. i wanted to add that. >> hi. one thing i thought would be really good to have within fire house iss to get rid of antibacterial soap which often contains triclocan,
instantly turned to one member, rachel aldaret, 54 years old and suffering can kidney disease. she needed regular dialysis to stay alive and was due for a treatment on tuesday. >> all they could tell us is we're waiting. we're waiting. we don't know how long this is going to be. so the crew engineered a harrowing transfer off the ship. there was another woman also evacuated as seen in these images captured by another passenger arc board the ship. a coast guard boat pulled up alongside the massive and powerless ship and the vessels bobbed up and down in choppy waters and this is how rachel was taken off, too. >> i didn't know that they were just going to open the door and tie a rope with a -- like a ladder and for me to climb into that small boat. when i started walking over there i looked at the water and i'm, like, oh, no and the boat was going like this and i'm, like, oh, no, you're going to drop me. your going to drop me. i don't know how to swim and this and that. you're going to drop me. >> rachel was taken to mexico to receive her treatment and then flown back home to austin, texas.
appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure, easy. >> and that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. you know, rachel, the russians must have thought they were getting bombed or something. i mean, the videotape, and so many people that caught this is just absolutely amazing. it's really pictures we've never seen before. >> the fact that there was so much video of it is amazing. but ed, there is actually at least one russian politician who is a truther on this matter and who says it wasn't a meteor at all. he has another theory. we're going to be featuring him later on in the show tonight. >> sounds great. have a great night. >> you too. appreciate it. thanks to you at home joining us as well. happy friday. after the last mid-term elects in 2010, the one where the republicans did so well, after those mid-terms, the first major special election that got a lot of national attention ended up being this one, right? the scott brown senate race in massachusetts. long-time democratic senator ted kennedy had died during his term in office. so they held a special election to
did not pay for this, but i figure they owed me. >> with me now is rachel, who because of a medical emergency, was evacuated from the ship days before it reached the shore. rachel, what happened that you needed to be rescued? >> well, i need a kidney, so i needed to do dialysis. and i do it like three times a week. and i had already missed one day on a saturday. and the doctor had said it was okay, but i was supposed to be here on monday. and then tuesday go to a dialysis, when i was supposed to go, but that's when, you know, the boat got caught on fire on sunday. so they had to get the coast guard -- >> yeah, how did you get off the main ship and to medical attention? what did they do? >> they got the coast guards and transferred me to another boat, another ship. sent me to cozumel to do dialysis on tuesday. >> how was it actually getting onto the tiny vessels? from the view, from the deck of the ship, those are teeny tiny boats. i know they're not when you're in them, but it can't be an easy transfer to get onto those boats. >> it was hard. it was scary. it was -- oh, my god. you
. that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" is starting right now. good evening, rachel. great job last night, again. >> thank you, ed. i have to tell you, i'm having a little trouble with my audio right now. so we'll see how my show goes tonight. >> if you can hear me, you can just give me gestures. >> okay. i've been talking for 35 years. i can probably fill some audio for you if you need me to. >> i think i'm all right, as listening as i hold perfectly still. all right. >> you sound fantastic as always. >> thank you. >> all systems go. no problem, houston. >> all right, thank you, man. i appreciate it. and thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. ought to be more exciting than usual. let's see. president obama's state of the union address last night lasted almost exactly 60 minutes, with not quite 7,000 words. it was a little longer than average in terms of word count. the speech was interrupted 83 times for applause, according to a tally by the national journal. there was no notable disruption in the audience this year, no moment like a republican cong
. >> and thanks rachel for a great presentation. let's open it up for public comment. anyone wish to speak? seeing none. ms. ching since we are going into the second hour i'm going to direct staff to make these items shorter and i'm going to ask to continue items 10 and 11 but we should open it up for public comment. colleagues, can we continue items 10 and 11? any objection? let's open this up for public comment. mr. griswald. >> yes, i just wanted to say on item 10 the central subway. let's see. i moved here when i was 21 and i remember when people were talking about the central subway going to chinatown and maybe even north beach and i was so excited and now i turned 50 on january 1 and i hope i am still around to see the central subway, so i really urge the committee and the commissioners and the ta and everybody -- i know there are some controversy around the central subway but i look forward to the central subway and going to chinatown. and i do go to chinatown believe it or not supervisor campos, but it's really exciting and it's an exciting project and i hope it stays on track
. the cypress is in pieces. . >> a poem i wrote shortly after 9-11. the terrorists for rachel cory and all those who were idealists and who actually believed that they could make an effect and social change. the terrorists who lives amongst us is not you, the terrorist who lurks in the shadows of our crowded city streets isn't me. he's not a demon with bulging eyes, a twisted mouth full of dirt, a crooked mouth, fangs driping blood. it's not the savage guner waiting for our school on their way to school. no, this
tonight. i appreciate it. >> it's a pleasure, ed. >> and that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. after the last mid-term elects in 2010, the one where the republicans did so well, after those mid-terms, the first major special election that got a lot of national attention ended up being this one, right? the scott brown senate race in massachusetts. long-time democratic senator ted kennedy had died during his term in office. so they held a special election to fill ted kennedy's seat in january 2011. after the november '10 mid terms. republicans were over the moon with how well they did in midterms. then they were over the moon and over the moon again when this previously unknown republican state legislature scott brown won that u.s. senate seat and found himself going to washington. now scott brown did not stay there long. he ended up serving only a partial term in ted kennedy's seat. when he had to defend that seat in this last election in november, he lost the seat as an incumbent by eight points. scott brown and herman cain were both announced thi
that here, sharl patton is back there, give a wave, and did rachel step out already? and rachel thought she was going to give a wave but she had to step out to go to another meeting, from the breast cancer fund, we have my two science leaders, [inaudible] and janet gray, so science questions galor, they can handle them all, policy questions, we'll have to deflect some of those to nancy for another time, so what i'm going to present today is what we call our healthy home and healthy world tours, i'll talk a little bit about who the breast cancer fund is and then we're going to walk through kind of the rooms in your home talking about tips for avoiding exposures that are linked to breast cancer and i will talk a little bit about the different chemicals, where they're found, things you can do to avoid them and also some policies, and then we'll kind of go beyond the home to talk about the kinds of exposures that might be not within our control in the house but elsewhere. and it looks like i have videos so that is good. so, the breast cancer fund is a national organization that works to prevent
line of love pill and rachel is here to spend all of have tines night with me. >> i'm actually going home right after the show. >> to spend some of valentine's night with me. >> all right we'll be back in >> all right we'll be back in 60 seconds with 7 news you gentleman former lake tahoe bartender used a bogus story that he is deck writed navy seal most decorated of all time he says and he used the story to cash in big. >> aj dick invery convincing so convincing that he's talked his which in part of 300 million dollar security contract. >> our dan is here with an exclusive abc 7 news i team investigation what a tale. >> the i team has been exposing the fake military the hero over the years who make up stories to impress others or get their money. tonight i have the ultimate case. 56-year-old aj dick is very good at telling a store. even when he knows it's not true. that he's a highly decorated member of the special forces. navy seal. >> my wife and i met aj we were at just a sports bar in lake tahoe. and he was a bartender. >>reporter: unlike most real navy sivls met he says
was available. >> reporter: lauren didn't have a roommate at first and rachel needed to get out of a bad situation with hers. >> we sort of started to butt heads. >> reporter: rachel met with her resident advisor who helped her make the change. getting help is exactly what a student should do if they're bothered by another student or roommate. even if they move off campus f they have concerns about their roommates, they can still seek help from the college's counseling and psychological services. the director at mason's psychological services. >> most campuses have some central office where you can go if you're concerned about a student. >> reporter: one counselor says college students should not ignore telltale signs of mental distress such as isolation and aggressive behavior. >> if you notice your roommate is not sleeping for days on end, you know, that could really be a telltale sign of somebody that needs help. >> reporter: and he says it's important for parents of college age students to meet roommates and ask questions. in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. >> the signs can also be a warn
to that in a half hour now it looks like on msnbc. rachel maddow will be co-anchoring it with me, coverage starting at 8:30 tonight. give us a sense to the newcomer what are we talking about? we're looking at this fellow on the right, christopher dorner, former police officer. in los angeles, a former marine officer. a very bright guy based on what we have been able to watch so far, and very media savvy and very violent. >> he is accused of killing -- he is suspected in the killing of four people now. two of them police officers. and he has been on the run. there has been a major manhunt in the southern california from the mountains of san bernardino county to the border of mexico now for six days without much progress. it seemed like the trail had gone cold until about 12:22 this afternoon pacific time. the san bernardino sheriff's office got a call about a car theft. it's not clear yet about whether it was a home -- a burglary or a car theft. anyway, they were told to be on the lookout, that a guy who looked like christopher dorner would be driving. they thought to be driving a white pickup truck
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